What I Do

Craft CMS websites made in Cleveland, Ohio

I provide web design and development services for folks who help others. It's a simple mission that applies to a whole bunch of different types of people and work. If your project has a core goal of enriching or bettering the lives of others, I would love to talk to you about it. To be clear, I'm not against y'all making money (I make money too!). I just don't work on projects where that's the primary outcome.

My services

The core of my business is making websites. That includes traditional design and development services, servers and hosting, automation, deployment, security, and the list goes on. I prioritize mobile-friendly responsive design, fast load times, accessibility, and search optimization.

Most of my work happens on the Craft CMS platform, which is a bit of software that helps make all the website magic happen. It's like WordPress, but cleaner, faster, and infinitely more user friendly. It also offers an impressive E-Commerce platform for those that need it.

I also do a fair bit of marketing and analytics work for clients. This work is often used by agencies to convince you to give them all of your money. I'm not into all that. I hate advertising. And I hate invading your user's privacy. What I am interested in is helping you target the people who give a shit about the thing you're doing and engaging with them in meaningful ways once we've all found each other.

Want to work together?